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Study on Just In Time Production (MBA Operations)

MBA Project Type: Operations

Project ID: 1168

Description: In this project, we are examining the implementation of Just-In-Time methodology in Toyota; possibly one of the most interesting manufacturing revolution where companies involved in the production are integrated not only in their business processes moreover in their physical plants. The concept has been successfully developed and implemented in India and is due to be adopted in other Toyota production plants. The study clearly shows how companies can work together in a harmonic and synchronized system meeting probably the most idealistic manufacturing principles (JIT) to produce the best quality product within the shortest time frame with minimum/no wastage and cost-effective to all parties. Careful production planning, cost-benefit analysis, adequate outsourcing plans and customer orientation are being praises as the key success factors of this amazing Just-In-Time concept.
Project Report Pages: 65

Can be used in: Operations

Project Cost: Rs 2750 / $ 55

Synopsis Cost: Rs 400 / $ 8

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