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A study on performance appraisal of an employees at Company (MBA HR)


MBA Project Type: HR

ID: 1039

Description: Performance appraisal or merit rating is the oldest and most universal practice of management. It refers to all the formal procedures used in working organization to evaluate the personalities and contribution and potential of group members. Modern management makes somewhat less use of the term merit rating than that was common in earlier periods. In the past emphasis, the evaluation of merits of an individual is worth as a person. The approach resulted in an appraisal System in which employee’s merits like initiative, dependability, personality, etc., were compared with others and ranked or rated. This was however, open to question because the connection between performance possessions of traits was doubtful. Trait evaluations provided little tangible to discuss, little on which participation could agree as fact and therefore, little mutual understanding of what would be required to obtain improvement more. Recently emphasis has been give to measuring the results of the employee performance. The trend now a days is, the direction of attempting to measure what the man does (performance appraisal) rather than that he is (merit rating) to measure what is the output rather than that is the output.

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